We offer a multitude of solutions...

Multimedia Solutions.

From at glance inspection to final implementation we can also deliver High end Video and Audio centre's. These centre's are mainly used for conferencing, training and socializing. No need to worry, we also provide training in using your facility to it's best potential.


Software Solutions and migrations.

We make use of a revolutionary new technology were we save you more than half the time in the migration process. We migrate servers and Pc's to new platforms seamlessly and effortlessly. Here you can view some of our Software Solutions. (Please note we only provide and maintain this software we do not provide training. Training can be organised and will be done by a 3rd party)

  • Full range of the Microsoft range of products
  • IPcop firewall technology
  • Untangle firewall
  • AutoCAD
  • Adobe Range of products
  • Microsoft server Platforms
  • Dreamweaver
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Quick Books
  • Storage Craft

Web Design and Hosting.

Making use of International as well as national servers we provide a web hosting package suited for your needs. Lightning fast servers and reliable backups twice daily makes sure your web page is always available. We also do web site design and trouble shooting for those slow websites and those giving errors. We also do consultancy on your current web site and advise how to improve the site.


Cutting edge technology at low prices. We provide services at special prices to schools, charities, old age homes and pensioners.